We are all well aware of the disaster that occurred at Rana Plaza building on 24th of April 2013. It was, perhaps, the worst of its kind in which more than a thousand innocent toiling workers lost their lives. It is considered as one of the deadliest garment factory mishap in the history of Bangladesh. Let us first pay our tribute to those victims of the Rana Plaza building collapse disaster who lost their lives. We, like millions of people in Bangladesh, are profoundly aggrieved over the irrecoverable loss of human lives and pray for the salvation of the departed souls.

Our Next Step ?

It has been the concern and demand of the overseas garment buyers to ensure safety of the workers and strictly adhere to the compliance standards.We also concur with the rightful demand of the overseas buyers for ensuring safe work place and provide better facilities to the workers. We are sincerely endeavoring to comply with the compliance standards ( social, structural, electrical, fire ) and ensure better working conditions and environment for the workers. Let us all work together in harmony with the BGMEA/ Buyers/ Government/ Social Workers/ towards building a prosperous Bangladesh.

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